Stores Management Lean Six Sigma Review for an NHS Trust

£500,000 savings identified

70% increase in process efficiency

Empowered the Trust to deliver changes with a clear plan & support

Optimised inventory and stores management

Thank you to CI Projects. This review has identified lots of low hanging fruits that will make a big difference.

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Define it

A large London NHS Trust faced inefficiencies in their stores management process, including purchasing and inventory management. An internal audit revealed:

  • Limited assurance: Concerns regarding proper management and financial control of stores.
  • Inefficient inventory and purchasing: High waste, delays, and potential for cost savings.
  • Poor Standardisation: Lack of consistency in processes, roles, and responsibilities.

This audit of the stores management process provided visibility of issues, but lacked measurable evidence and root causes.

Improve it

CI Projects conducted a 10-day Lean Six Sigma review to identify and address these challenges, consisting of:

  • Voice of the Customer: Gathered feedback from staff who use the stores process, highlighting issues like delays and inconsistencies.
  • Process Mapping: Created a Value Stream Map (VSM) to visualise the “as-is” process and identify delays.
  • Data Analysis: We gathered benchmark data to measure the problem and validate our findings. Our findings:
    • Over 90% of the process time was wasted (delays).
    • 95% of delays were due to “waiting.”
  • Root Cause Analysis: Analysed feedback and conducted site visits to identify the root causes of inefficiencies.
  • 5S Review: Assessed the stores’ organisation and cleanliness, providing recommendations for ongoing improvement.
  • System Gap Analysis: Evaluated the current purchasing system and its capabilities for effective inventory management.
  • Holistic Review: Considered external factors like adjacent processes and limitations with the purchasing system.

Based on the review, CI Projects proposed short, medium, and long-term solutions to improve the stores management process.

Sustain it

CI Projects provided a clear plan to guide the client in implementing the recommended solutions, and developed a “To-Be” Process that streamlined the stores management process. CI Projects’ Lean Six Sigma expertise helped transform the NHS Trust’s supply chain. By identifying and eliminating waste, promoting standardisation, and optimising inventory management, we helped the healthcare provider achieve significant cost savings and improve efficiency, ultimately supporting better patient care.

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