SharePoint Implementation at London School of Economics (LSE)

Irradicated over 50,000 public folders

Implemented SharePoint to drive collaboration

Increased efficiency through automated workflows

Reduced paper contributing to a more sustainable workplace

CI Projects made their ability to produce high quality work against impossible odds seem effortless… they quickly get to the core of a problem and come up with solutions. They have considerable skills in analysing processes and requirements, alongside engaging with tricky stakeholders, against a backdrop of constantly moving goalposts, turning a nightmare project into a success.

Senior Programme Manager

Define it

CI Projects was tasked with migrating data from scattered Public Folders on local drives across over 50 academic departments at the London School of Economics (LSE). Upon review, we identified a fragmented system which was creating:

  • Inefficiencies: Difficulty finding and accessing documents hampered collaboration and productivity.
  • Security risks: Data stored on local drives posed security vulnerabilities.
  • Negative environmental impacts: Excessive printing and scanning contributed to a negative environmental footprint.

Improve it

We implemented a comprehensive data migration plan which consisted of the following:

  • Collaboration with academic departments: We partnered with academic departmental leads to understand specific needs and workflows.
  • Bespoke SharePoint platform implementation: A custom-designed SharePoint platform was developed to meet the university’s unique requirements. We captured the business requirements and translated them into a technical specification, and worked closely with the solutions architect to ensure the solution was executed effectively.
  • Workflow automation: We designed bespoke workflows to streamline processes and enhance collaboration efficiency.

Sustain it

By prioritising collaboration, enhanced efficiency, and environmental responsibility, we empowered the LSE to focus on its core academic mission.

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