RIBA Capital Projects Process Alignment & Improvement

Improved project performance

Improved process efficiency

Improved comms & collaboration

Increased customer experience

This has been a great, collaborative initiative.

Operations Director

Define it

A Facilities Management company and their private-sector client within the Science sector faced a disconnect between project delivery and client expectations. Upon initial review, we identified that existing site-based processes lacked a consistent methodology, leading to inefficiencies, communication gaps, and inconsistent project outcomes that were not aligned to the RIBA Code of Professional Conduct.

Improve it

We implemented a transition from the client’s current practices to the well-established RIBA seven-stage model. This framework provides a clear roadmap for projects, from feasibility studies (stage 1) to post-occupancy monitoring (stage 7), ensuring all delivery partners understand their roles and responsibilities.

However, a simple “lift and shift” approach wasn’t enough. The existing processes were cumbersome and inefficient, requiring optimisation. We employed Lean Six Sigma methodologies to:

  • Improve process efficiency: We identified and eliminated wasteful steps, streamlining project workflows.
  • Enhance communication: By fostering better communication channels, we facilitated a more collaborative and “joined-up” approach to project delivery.

Sustain it

We delivered training and education for all parties (client, project managers, etc.) to ensure everyone understood the new framework and their roles within it. This enabled upskilling of the existing workforce. A combined approach of implementing a standardised framework and optimising internal processes significantly improved project delivery outcomes for both the facilities management company and their client.

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