Purchase-to-Pay Process Improvement in Facilities Management

£60,000 process waste identified & eliminated

Over 40% efficiency gained through process optimisation

Real-time data dashboard enabled data-driven decision making

Faster supplier payments & improved relationships

CI Projects have been very diligent and worked closely with us to implement the right solutions.

Finance Director

Define it

Our client faced inefficiencies in their purchase-to-pay (P2P) process and were receiving increasing complaints. CI Projects were commissioned to undertake a Lean Six Sigma review. Upon initial review to define the problem, we identified:

  • Manual processes: Reliant on manual data entry and approval steps, leading to delays and errors.
  • Workarounds: Current purchasing system limitations necessitated workarounds, increasing processing time and costs.
  • Process waste: Chasing errors, rectification, and unnecessary steps created process waste.
  • Slow payments: Invoice payment exceeded industry benchmarks, potentially impacting supplier relationships.

We then benchmarked performance against industry standards to understand current performance.

Improve it

CI Projects implemented the Lean Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) to analyse and improve the purchase-to-pay process:

  • Reviewed the “as-is” process through site visits, shadowing, and data analysis. Identified 9 manual spreadsheets being used and an estimated £60k annual cost of process waste.
  • Developed recommendations to digitise the process and optimise the existing purchasing system.
  • Implemented non-system process improvements.
  • Reduced waste through automation and streamlined workflows.
  • We provided project management expertise to implement approved changes .

Sustain it

We undertook regular touchpoints following implementation to ensure long-term effectiveness. Our expertise transformed the accounts payable purchase-to-pay processes, leading to faster payments, reduced costs, and improved financial control.

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