Project & Portfolio Management Tool Implementation at Johnson Matthey

Global rollout of a PPM tool configured to meet business needs

Unified Project Management for £1m+ Capital Projects

Real-time visibility boosting project success rates

Established best practices to increase Project Management maturity

We had a very tight timescale to deliver this project globally and are very pleased with the outcome.

Group IT Director

Define it

Johnson Matthey, a global leader in science and sustainable technologies, needed to optimise project management for their ever-expanding £1 million+ capital projects portfolio. Rapid growth and acquisitions led to inconsistencies in how different departments managed and reported on projects, making it difficult to track performance and ensure successful delivery.

Improve it

We partnered with Johnson Matthey to implement KeyedIn, a cloud-based Project & Portfolio Management tool. We worked closely with the software provider, the PMO and internal stakeholders across the globe to develop processes, requirements and an optimum solution. We developed and implemented a solution that addressed several key needs:

  • Standardised processes: We transitioned Johnson Matthey from paper-based systems to a centralised electronic system, creating consistency in project management across all global departments.
  • Enhanced visibility: Real-time dashboards provided senior leadership with a clear view of project performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Improved communication: The Project and Portfolio Management tool facilitated collaboration and communication among teams located worldwide.

Sustain it

We developed and delivered training across Asia, America, and Europe on best practices in project management and how to use the Project and Portfolio Management tool, ensuring everyone leveraged the tool effectively. This resulted in greater efficiency, improved project delivery rates, and gained valuable insights for strategic growth.

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