Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Process Lean Agile Transformation

Reduced invoice disputes by 30%

Streamlined workflows and reduced rework

Company wide e-Learning implemented

Increased transparency with KPIs and a dashboard

The P2P process has been transformed.

Finance Manager

Define it

A global facilities management company struggled with a tangled Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. Our review to define the problem revealed several issues:

  • High error rates: Inconsistent processes and poor data quality led to numerous errors and disputes.
  • Inefficiencies and delays: Manual interventions and unclear best practices caused sluggish processing times.
  • Limited visibility: Fragmented data hindered informed decision-making.

These issues hampered internal operations and strained relationships with suppliers.

Improve it

CI Projects implemented a multi-phase approach to untangle the P2P process:

  • Virtual process mapping: Using online workshops, we analysed the “as-is” process from requisition to payment, identifying waste and variations across teams.
  • Lean-Agile fixes: We employed a Lean-Agile approach to implement immediate tactical solutions, reducing inefficiencies.
  • Best practice education: We developed a company-wide e-learning programme across two finance platforms, educating users on best practices for requisitioning and receiving.
  • Streamlined dispute resolution: We collaborated with finance teams to implement clear guidelines for handling queries and disputes, leading to faster resolution.
  • Standardised KPIs: We partnered with the data team to develop a standardised set of KPIs and a dashboard for a single view of financial performance.

Sustain it

Throughout the project, we identified opportunities for further optimisation and developed a strategic plan, laying the groundwork for future improvements. The solutions implemented provided long-term fixes, such as company wide e-learning to support not only existing employees but new starters.

The transformed P2P process empowered the company to operate with greater efficiency, transparency, and control.

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