Preparation for a £3bn Acquisition Deal at a Global Investment Bank

Enhanced Change Management skills

Enabling leaders to anticipate & manage resistance

Stronger comms strategies

A unified leadership team

The training was fantastic! One of the most memorable training courses I’ve ever been on.

Managing Director

Define it

A major global investment bank faced a momentous shift – a £3 billion acquisition. Recognising the critical role leadership plays in successful change initiatives, the Managing Director sought to equip her team with the necessary skills to navigate this significant transition. We worked closely with the Managing Director to define the requirements in preparation for the acquisition deal.

Improve it

CI Projects was chosen to deliver its renowned Change Management Simulation for Managers of Change training course. This programme focused on:

  • Preparing leaders: Equipping the leadership team with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively manage and anchor change within the organisation.
  • Developing Change Management expertise: Fostering a deep understanding of human behaviour during change initiatives, enabling leaders to anticipate and address potential challenges.
  • Driving effective communication: Sharpening communication skills to clearly articulate the rationale and benefits of the acquisition to all levels of the organisation.
  • Building team cohesion: Promoting collaboration and create a unified leadership front throughout the acquisition process.

Our training course goes beyond traditional theoretical training. We leverage a unique approach that combines:

  • Research-based model: Our curriculum is grounded in the latest change management research, ensuring practical application of best practices.
  • Extensive consulting experience: Our team of experienced change consultants draws upon real-world scenarios and case studies, providing valuable insights into navigating complex change initiatives.
  • Engaging and interactive format: We deliver a “fun and engaging” course format that fosters active participation, knowledge retention, and team building.
  • Simulation exercises: The programme incorporates realistic simulations that allow leaders to apply their newfound knowledge and practice leading change efforts in a safe, controlled environment.

Sustain it

Investing in leadership development through our Change Management Simulation for Managers of Change programme empowered the investment bank’s leadership to navigate this major acquisition with greater confidence, clarity, and effectiveness.

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