Post Room Service Improvement at a London HQ

98% reduction in delivery time

Enhanced customer experience

Streamlined processes reduced wasted time

Upskilled internal teams

What seemed like a simple service was riddled with complexity. CI Projects helped us with breaking down the issue to find a resolution.

Board Director

Define it

A large London headquarters faced a challenging scenario with their post room service. We undertook a review to define the problem and found that parcels were taking an average of 84 days (3 months) to reach their destination, leading to a surge in complaints about undelivered packages, financial penalties for undelivered mail and reputational damage impact on customers.

Traditional methods failed to address the root cause of the delays.

Improve it

CI Projects implemented a Lean Six Sigma review using the DMAIC methodology to improve the post room service:

  • Measured the extent of delivery delays to obtain a baseline performance measure.
  • Identified root causes like unclear contracts, untrained staff, and mismanaged processes.
  • Collaborated with internal stakeholders to develop solutions, upskilling them in the process.
  • Supported negotiations of clear delivery expectations with couriers.
  • Provided training to improve delivery efficiency.
  • Established clear procedures for handling and redirecting mail.
  • Diverted irrelevant mail to appropriate locations.

Sustain it

We implemented a Control plan and ensured that it was owned. This monitoring ensured the long-term effectiveness of the implemented solutions. Using Lean Six Sigma, we transformed mailroom operations, leading to faster deliveries, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

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