PMO Setup for a Central Government Organisation

Reduction in the number of projects from over 300 to 20 strategic priorities

Control of change initiatives and reduced duplication

Stronger focus and active involvement of senior management

Value for Money demonstrated through robust business cases

This will help us avoid a lot of duplication and demonstrate Value for Money.

Transformation Director

Define it

A central government organisation faced a critical challenge in managing its organisation-wide development programme. The programme encompassed numerous high-priority initiatives and milestones, but upon our review, we uncovered:

  • Lack of governance: Inconsistent project information and a weak governance structure made prioritising work, managing resources, and justifying Value for Money (VFM) difficult.
  • Siloed operations: Ongoing projects outside the programme further complicated resource allocation and planning.
  • Unplanned growth: Increased reliance on agency staff for project delivery led to unplanned overspend.

These factors resulted in change saturation, conflicting priorities, and project delays or cancellations, jeopardising the organisation’s goals.

Improve it

CI Projects recommended the implementation of a Programme Management Office (PMO) to bring structure and control to the development programme. This included:

  • Standardised project approvals: Establishing a new approval process based on robust business cases to ensure Value for Money and alignment with strategic objectives.
  • PMO set up: Creating a dedicated PMO function.
  • PMO as a Service: For a period of time, CI Projects oversaw the programme and managed the PMO, whilst supporting with internal recruitment of a PMO manager to oversee programme execution.
  • Best-practice implementation: Utilising industry knowledge and tailored approaches to set up the PMO for optimal results.

Sustain it

We provided a seamless handover covering PMO manager recruitment, tool implementation, and process training. We then provided the new PMO manager coaching for a period of 6 months to ensure confidence and successful delivery. Through collaborative partnership and a commitment to challenging the status quo, CI Projects successfully mobilised the new PMO function. This empowered the client to gain control of their change programme internally, enabling strategic delivery, optimised resource utilisation and demonstrate Value for Money.

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