PMO for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Mobilisation

Our Government expertise bridged the knowledge gap

Established a new Programme Management Office (PMO)

Enhanced leadership structure & performance oversight

Enhanced collaboration & partnership

Wole [CI Projects] has been working on the JLL FCDO Europe Mobilisation to support operational delivery in one of the European Regions and the client are extremely happy with his delivery, attitude, output and cannot commend him enough for all his work.

Anthony Rooney, Account Director

Define it

JLL, a global real estate services company, secured a major contract to deliver facilities management services for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) across a dozen European countries. With a tight deadline looming, they faced the daunting task of mobilising a large-scale operation in a short timeframe. The key challenges included:

  • Limited mobilisation window: JLL needed to hit the ground running and establish a robust FM service across multiple European locations within a strict timeframe.
  • Diverse resource requirements: From experienced project management expertise to specialised personnel and localised client engagement, JLL required a comprehensive team to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Seamless integration: Integrating additional resources into an existing JLL team while maintaining operational autonomy presented a logistical challenge.

Improve it

JLL recognised the need for a strategic CI partner with a proven track record in project management and a vast network within the facilities management industry. That’s where CI Projects stepped in, offering a comprehensive solution:

  • PMO-as-a-Service: CI Projects setup a Project Management Office (PMO) with expertise, ensuring a streamlined and efficient mobilisation process.
  • Resource expertise: Leveraging their extensive industry network, CI Projects provided JLL with specialised personnel to fill critical roles and facilitate seamless local client engagement across Europe.
  • Integration: CI Projects’ team seamlessly integrated with JLL’s existing mobilisation team while maintaining the autonomy necessary for efficient execution.
  • Information gathering: Through due diligence site visits and stakeholder engagement across government locations, CI Projects obtained crucial information to navigate the mobilisation process effectively.
  • Technical and leadership strength: CI Projects’ team brought valuable technical expertise and leadership qualities to the table, providing additional support throughout the mobilisation process.

Sustain it

CI Projects spearheaded the recruitment process for key operational positions within the newly established FM service across Europe to ensure long-term success. JLL and FCDO’s partnership with CI Projects yielded significant benefits that went far beyond meeting the tight deadline.

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