PMO-as-a-Service for Equans

£200k benefits demonstrated within 6 months

Increased on time project delivery by 88%

Reduced in projects by 85% to ensure prioritisation & strategic alignment

187 tCO2e savings demonstrated

We are seeing an increase in project management maturity. We have established strong governance as a board and are focusing on priority projects. We now have visibility of benefits and project performance.

Business Transformation Board

Define it

Our client, a global leader in energy, digital transformation, and facilities management, was experiencing phenomenal growth. A strategic acquisition with Equans further fuelled this expansion, but it also created an unforeseen challenge – project management chaos. Numerous change projects were underway across the organisation, managed in isolation by different departments.

An initial review identified that there were over 200 projects underway across the organisation at that given point in time. The majority of projects were in ‘initial concept’ stage, and only 2% of the projects had demonstrated adoption across the organisation. The impact of this was change saturation and fatigue, excess costs and delays, and a lack of demonstrable Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with Equans to implement a centralised Programme Management Office (PMO) as an outsourced service using our PMO-as-a-Service model. The PMO acted as a central hub, overseeing all change projects and ensuring their alignment with strategic objectives. Here’s how we tackled the challenges:

  • Prioritisation and streamlining: We conducted a thorough review of existing projects, ruthlessly reducing the number from over 200 to a focused 30. These projects were strategically chosen to align with the organisation’s priorities.
  • Standardisation and governance: Clear project definitions, decision-making criteria, and governance protocols were established. This ensured consistency and effectiveness across all projects, providing a clear framework for project management.
  • Collaboration and communication: We fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among project managers. Easy-to-use tools like a SharePoint site supported project teams and stakeholders with resources and clear communication channels.
  • Visibility and reporting: A real-time Power BI dashboard provided complete project visibility for stakeholders. This enabled informed decision-making based on accurate data.

Sustain it

We provided comprehensive training for project managers, sponsors, and change managers, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate the new PMO structure and processes. By establishing clear standards, prioritising initiatives, and promoting collaboration, CI Projects’ expertise helped our client navigate a period of rapid growth and achieve significant improvements in efficiency, cost management, and overall business value. Our structured framework ensures continuous improvement initiatives are implemented, monitored, and sustained for long-term success.

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