Operational Excellence across Prison Establishments

Statutory maintenance rose 4%

Service Level Agreements (SLA) performance increased by 8%

Improved employee engagement

Ability to focus efforts on offender rehabilitation

A focussed approach for all sites that is delivering a consistent measurement of performance across all Southern Prisons and highlighting opportunities for improvement and sharing of best practice

Regional Director

A philosophy and methodology which will drive continual improvement.

Projects Director

Visible performance improvement.

Finance Director

Define it

Maintaining prisons is complex. Stressful environments and poor conditions can hinder rehabilitation efforts. Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL) sought to improve performance across its prison sites, moving them from “good” to “great” to drive operational excellence. In 2020 (during the peak of COVID-19), we launched a transformation programme called “Path to Green,” adopting the Lean Six Sigma framework for a structured approach to drive operational excellence. Collaborating with leadership, we identified key performance indicators (KPIs) for success, focusing on “customer value.” For example, reducing the number of offline prison cells due to maintenance issues.

Improve it

Using meetings and remote analysis, we identified the root causes of performance issues. A lack of training emerged as a major factor. Site improvement plans were developed, focusing on visual management, waste reduction, and resource monitoring. We designed and implemented a bespoke training programme for over 200 staff members.

Sustain it

To ensure lasting performance improvements, we equipped over 200 staff members with new skills through targeted training. This investment creates a future generation of leaders primed for continuous improvement. We also established robust monitoring and control mechanisms to track performance over time. This allows GFSL to proactively identify areas for further improvement and sustain the impressive gains achieved through Path to Green project. This empowered them to unlock operational excellence.

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