Patient Catering Transformation across an NHS Trust

Increased Process Cycle Time by 16%

Reduced wait times & met Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

10% reduction in overtime costs

Increased productivity through Target Operating Model design

This project has been a great success and delivered in a way which we have never seen before. It’s been a positive change for the Patient Catering team and having the support of CI Projects gave them confidence they needed to move the service forward.

Account Director

Define it

An NHS Trust in the Midlands faced challenges within their Front-of-House Patient Catering service. CI Projects was brought in to conduct a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma review and implement a sustainable change plan. We began by assessing the current state through “back to the floor” Gemba walks, meetings with key stakeholders and gathering data.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with the NHS Trust and Facilities Management provider to deliver a 7-workstream Patient Catering transformation programme:

  • Recruitment and retention: Improved onboarding, training, and competency assessments to attract and retain staff.
  • Enhanced communication: Developed internal and external communication plans, fostering collaboration and teamwork.
  • Streamlined processes: Re-engineered workflows to eliminate waste and free up time for better customer service.
  • Improved reporting: Developed self-reporting capabilities to drive performance and accountability.
  • Optimised team structures: Adjusted roles, schedules, and resources for better efficiency and employee well-being.
  • Customer-centric approach: Focused all efforts on understanding and meeting patient needs.

Sustain it

CI Projects defined a repeatable Patient Catering training programme for consistent service delivery. The programme utilised interactive workshops and training, with all team members actively participating. Change was monitored and embedded through phased delivery. Our expertise transformed NHS operations, optimising efficiency, staff well-being, and ultimately, patient experience.

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