National Service Desk Improvement for a Facilities Management Company

Productivity boost by 10%

5+ FTE cost savings

Reduced manual work

Enhanced customer experience

We have felt a change across our service desk and received positive feedback.

Operations Manager

Define it

High staff turnover and unclear processes led to a service desk in disarray. Upon review to define the problem, we identified manual workarounds, inconsistent practices, and limited system utilisation that plagued efficiency.

Improve it

CI Projects implemented a multi-phase approach to optimise the service desk:

  • Process mapping: Current “as-is” processes were mapped with staff, identifying issues and bottlenecks.
  • Process improvement: “To-be” processes were designed based on best practices, documented in a Service Desk Manual, and rolled out to the team.
  • Reporting optimisation: A review identified duplicate reporting and redundancies. Automated system reports with analytics replaced manual processes, delivering valuable insights to stakeholders.
  • Staffing structure review: An analysis identified opportunities to optimise staffing levels based on service outputs.

Sustain it

We developed and delivered a bespoke two-day training programme that equipped staff with the knowledge and skills for the new processes and systems. We also equipped them with a Service Desk Manual and continuous improvement tools. We helped them achieve a more efficient, consistent, and client-centric operation.

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