Mobilisation of a new Government Company across Prison Services

Mobilisation of a multi-million pound start-up Government company

Smooth transfer of approximately 1000 staff

Development of a new Target Operating Model

Value for Money, safety and security upheld

Your team have been instrumental in supporting us with this transition.


Define it

Following the collapse of Carillion in 2018, the Ministry of Justice faced the critical task of establishing a new, government-owned facilities management company for prison services. This new entity, Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL), was to take responsibility for essential services like cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, and repairs across multiple prison establishments. Ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted prison services was paramount. CI Projects was brought in to support this crucial transition. The first step was to define Carillion’s existing service delivery model for the prisons.

Improve it

Our team, comprised of specialists across various disciplines, focused on these key areas:

  • Workforce Mobilisation: Supporting the transfer of approximately 1,000 staff, including suppliers, to the new company. This ensured minimal disruption and maintained the existing workforce’s expertise.
  • Target Operating Model Development: Creating a new operational framework that optimised efficiency and service delivery for the prison facilities management company.
  • Business Process Transformation: Implementing streamlined HR and operational service processes within the new organisation. We subsequently worked with them to establish all of their processes and procedures and achieve ISO9001 certification.
  • IT Infrastructure Mobilisation: Successfully transitioning and establishing the necessary IT infrastructure to support the new company’s operations.

Sustain it

Through meticulous planning, extensive support from our diverse team of specialists across multiple disciplines, and a focus on maintaining service continuity and value for money, CI Projects successfully delivered a seamless transition. Following transition, we went on to support a number of projects to further develop GFSL and help them on their continuous improvement journey. We have extensive experience in managing complex public sector transitions. We ensured a smooth handover of essential services while laying the foundation for the new company’s long-term success.

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