Master Data Management (MDM) at a Global Private Sector Firm

Improved data quality & consistency

Defined the critical data needed by the business

Enabled informed business decision making

Developed internal capabilities

Your methodical approach to tackling this problem has been just what we needed!

Senior Project Manager

Define it

Our client, a global company, lacked a unified approach to managing critical data and were in need of a Master Data Management (MDM) discipline. Inconsistent data across departments hindered informed decision-making. Our first step was to define the critical data required by the business so that we could integrate data for a single point of reference, enable consistent data use for better decisions and establish data governance.

Improve it

Working with an internal project team, CI Projects supported the implementation of a comprehensive Master Data Management strategy:

  • Stakeholder engagement: Conducted one-on-one interviews to understand data needs across functions and foster a data-centric mindset.
  • Data analysis: Analysed critical data considering factors like geography, service lines, customers, and contracts.
  • Process mapping: Mapped data requirements against existing business processes to identify pain points and develop solutions.
  • Governance structure: Established a data governance team with clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Data model development: Documented a data model, including fields and data types within processes and systems.
  • Data quality improvement: Identified opportunities to improve data accuracy through mandatory fields, drop-down menus, and global standard alignment.

Sustain it

We created a Master Data list for data cleansing and training purposes and supported with the training strategy. CI Projects’ strategic approach to Master Data Management implementation empowered this organisation to achieve data consistency, improve decision-making, and build strong internal data management capabilities to enable continuous improvement.

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