Lean Six Sigma Training to Establish a CoE at Arup

Enhanced process improvement & problem solving capabilities

Supported set up of a new CoE, enabling ongoing Continuous Improvement

Empowered internal champions

Scalable training with a virtual & engaging format

I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a huge amount on the recent Yellow Belt Six Sigma course. It gave me a whole new approach to the way I work and solve problems. The lean training courses have given me structure, tools and a new language to enhance my ability to both problem solve and run a project.

Cathy Mustard, Business Services Manager

Define it

Arup, a global engineering and consulting firm, recognised the value of Lean Six Sigma for optimising processes and driving efficiency across their geographically dispersed teams. However, traditional in-person training wasn’t feasible due to location constraints. They needed a solution to:

  • Develop internal Lean Six Sigma expertise: Equip Arup employees with the skills and knowledge to identify and eliminate process waste.
  • Establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE): Foster a core team of Lean Six Sigma champions to lead internal process improvement initiatives.
  • Deliver training virtually: Address the challenge of geographically dispersed teams.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with Arup to deliver a customised virtual Lean Six Sigma training programme, encompassing:

  • Interactive online learning: Engaging online, facilitator-led training covering Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools, and techniques.
  • Live virtual sessions: Experienced CI Projects instructors facilitated interactive sessions to reinforce learning and address specific Arup challenges.
  • Collaborative learning environment: Online forums and breakout sessions encouraged knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning among participants.
  • Project-based learning: Participants applied their newly acquired skills to real-world Arup projects, ensuring practical application of Lean Six Sigma principles.

Sustain it

We provided some dedicated coaching sessions focused on establishing a Centre of Excellence (CoE) structure, roles, and responsibilities, empowering internal champions to lead future improvement initiatives.CI Projects’ customised virtual Lean Six Sigma training program empowered Arup to develop a critical mass of internal expertise and establish a CoE. This initiative positions Arup to continuously improve processes, drive efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in the global engineering and consulting landscape.

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