Lean Culture Deployment for a Government Company

£30,000 in efficiency savings within 3 months

ROI within a 3 month payback period

Shift in culture

Increased employee engagement & performance

This has been such a fantastic journey.

Regional Account Director

Define it

CI Projects was tasked with leading a client towards a Lean Culture, a philosophy of continuous improvement and best practices. To achieve this, we needed to ensure buy-in from all levels of the organisation. To begin this journey, we undertook an assessment of the existing culture.

Improve it

We took the following approach to improve the culture.

Building a Foundation:

We started with a Lean Culture Awareness workshop for C-Suite executives. This ensured they understood the core principles, embraced the mindset shift, and actively sponsored the programme’s long-term vision. It wasn’t about short-term gains; it was about building a culture of continuous improvement.

We collaborated with executives to solidify their vision and strategic objectives. These clear goals became the “north star” guiding the programme and empowering employees.

Designing the Programme:

Our Lean Culture programme was comprehensive, encompassing various aspects including:

  • Branding and marketing: We created a Lean Culture programme identity and communication channels to promote the Lean philosophy across the organisation.
  • Enhanced governance: The programme management office (PMO) and project governance were realigned for optimal programme execution.
  • Roadmapping and strategy: A detailed Lean Culture programme roadmap and communication plan ensured clarity and direction.

Sustain it

We delivered our Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma training to over 70 people, creating a foundation for improvement. We identified individuals passionate about driving change and equipped them with Green Belt Lean Six Sigma training for further leadership. The programme fostered a Lean Culture of continuous improvement, with clear benefits already emerging within the space of just 3 months. Operational excellence is a continuous journey, not a destination.

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