ISO9001 Certification at Gov Facility Services Ltd

Successfully achieved ISO9001:2015 certification

Standardised ways of working across all 52 prisons

Reduced process cycle times and error rates

Implemented a Quality Management System with access to policies and procedures

From a standing start, this is an immense achievement for GFSL – which is just three years old. Getting certified to ISO9001:2015 is a great achievement for the whole team at GFSL. I’m delighted to call out particularly the vision and drive of CI Projects in getting us there – great team effort!

Don Keigher, Transformation Director

Define it

Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL), a young organisation with geographically dispersed operations, lacked standardised policies, processes, and procedures. This inconsistency made it difficult to meet customer needs and ensure operational excellence. Aiming for continuous improvement, GFSL sought to implement a best-practice standard. CI Projects partnered with GFSL to lead an ISO 9001 implementation programme. To begin with, we conducted a gap analysis and maturity assessment of the current state against the ISO9001 certification quality standards.

Improve it

We worked with GFSL to deliver:

  • Engagement and education: Building awareness and buy-in from all levels through presentations and workshops. We tailored the programme to GFSL’s context, developing an internal marketing campaign with branding and visuals to generate excitement.
  • Process optimisation: Utilising Lean principles, we developed over 50 new processes and achieved efficiencies, improved employee engagement and enhanced customer experience across all functions.
  • New policies: A number of essential policies were missing or outdated; so we supported the development of policies working closely with policy owners.
  • Knowledge management: Developing a centralised Quality Management System (QMS) platform (branded OPUS) to house all documented procedures, making them easily accessible.
  • Certification process: Once we were ready, we worked closely with the auditors to manage the end-to-end certification process.

Sustain it

We began with assigning and training process and policy owners to ensure ongoing ownership and continuous improvement. We also implemented a robust assurance regime for ongoing process review and improvement. Read the results here.

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