Income Recovery for a Not-For-Profit Government Company

Identified £1.6 million in recoverable income

Identified potential equipment failure trends, informing maintenance strategies

Improved cost accuracy and assurance

Upskilled teams involved in income recovery

The work Olivia (CI Projects) completed on the vandalism process enabled us to recover costs outside of the core service scope which was a key contributor to budget management in the financial year. The work also provided insightful data to enable us to make data-driven decisions and was an enabler towards a longer-term cost and income recovery solution with regards to vandalism work.

Stephanie Hill, Finance Director

Define it

A newly formed not-for-profit (NFP) Government-owned Company (GovCo) managing prison facilities faced financial challenges and commissioned CI Projects to undertake a Lean Six Sigma review. We identified the following problems:

  • High vandalism costs: High volumes of vandalism significantly increased reactive maintenance workloads, straining their budget.
  • Unrecovered costs: The existing system lacked a process to capture and bill for additional expenses incurred due to vandalism.
  • Data capture hurdles: Implementing a new cost management system across 49 prison sites in a short timeframe proved difficult.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with the GovCo to develop a solution for cost recovery that included:

  • Data-driven methodology: A detailed approach was created to utilise the existing CAFM system to capture labour and material costs associated with vandalism repairs.
  • Non-chargeable cost separation: Methodology ensured funded teams and prisoner rehabilitation activities were excluded from cost calculations.
  • Vandalism job validation: A system for evaluating and approving vandalism work claims was established.
  • Stakeholder collaboration: CI Projects worked closely with GovCo departments (Supply Chain, HR) to ensure a mutually beneficial cost recovery process.

Sustain it

We developed and delivered a bespoke training programme to upskill existing teams. The implemented solution provided financial security, facilitated data-driven decision-making for preventive maintenance, and fostered a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

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