Contractor Web-Portal Implementation at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Improved oversight of contractor performance

Improved data insights & Management Information (MI)

Reduced paperwork admin burden

Automated process

Our department did not have clearly defined digital structures in place to allow for third party contractors to report in real time or to deliver reporting data to centralised platforms. Olivia [CI Projects] worked hard to make sure the relevant stakeholders were engaged, and had all the tools and support they needed to deliver. This lead to a challenging journey in order to make sure that everyone was on board with the new ways of working. Olivia supported us in a tough environment and managed to deliver what was needed to get our organisation to work better.


Define it

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust (GSTT) is a world-renowned healthcare institution, serving millions of patients in London. Maintaining their vast facilities to ensure optimal patient care is paramount. However, managing third-party maintenance contractors presented a challenge. We undertook a review to define the problem and identified a lack of visibility, administrative burden, and inconsistent data hindered efficient management.

Improve it

GSTT relied on manual processes and paper trails to track maintenance tasks by external contractors. CI Projects partnered with GSTT to pilot a contractor web-portal, a readily available Computerised Aided Facility Management (CAFM) solution within their system. We led the project which involved co-ordinating various internal teams in order to achieve deliverables, and worked alongside third party contractors to successfully deliver a pilot.

Sustain it

The Contractor Webportal pilot successfully addressed GSTT’s initial challenges. Upon successful completion of the pilot project, we collaborated with internal stakeholders to develop a realistic and achievable internal rollout plan for organisation-wide adoption. This project enabled GSTT to manage their facilities with greater visibility, efficiency, and data-driven insights. This allows them to focus on their core mission – delivering exceptional patient care.

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