CI Coaching & Project Planning at Richmond Pharmacology

15% Cost Reduction

Implemented “quick wins” through pilot projects

Increased revenue through new revenue streams

Enhanced safety & empowered employees

We’ve identified a lot of quick wins thanks to your support.

Research Physician

Define it

Richmond Pharmacology, a leading clinical research organisation, experienced rapid growth. While this growth was positive, it also brought challenges:

  • Process inefficiencies: Onerous processes led to waste, errors, and delays, hindering operational efficiency.
  • Increased costs: Diseconomies of scale caused unnecessary overhead costs.
  • Operational complexity: Growth led to a more complex operational environment.

CI Projects partnered with Richmond Pharmacology in a coaching capacity to support their teams with tackling these challenges.

Improve it

We focused on four key areas:

  • Screening and outpatients: Streamlining processes for patient intake and outpatient management.
  • Data management: Optimising data management procedures for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Enhancing pharmacovigilance practices while identifying new revenue streams.

Our coaching approach leveraged Lean Six Sigma. We combined lean waste elimination, “the voice of the customer” relating to patient and staff satisfaction, and Six Sigma data analysis to identify root causes and implement effective solutions.

Sustain it

Through coaching internal employees, we empowered employees. We delivered Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma training and shared tools to help teams identify and implement further improvements as part of their daily work. We also helped them establish a clear roadmap for longer-term process improvements, ensuring the sustainability of success. Our CI coaching helped Richmond Pharmacology navigate rapid growth while optimising operations, reducing costs, and improving overall performance.

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