CI Change Partner for a Financial Services Company

Enhanced cost effectiveness

Sustained Change Management

Demonstrable return-on-investment (ROI)

Increased agility to evolving strategic needs

We know we can always call upon CI Projects for support.

Board Director

Define it

A leading financial services company faced a critical need for agility in managing strategic change. Their existing project-based approach, while effective, lacked the flexibility required to support ongoing strategic initiatives. They needed a partner who could provide ongoing, impartial support for prioritising, planning, and governing their change agenda.

Improve it

CI Projects proposed a CI Change Partner model, shifting from a day-rate service to a retainer agreement. This offered the client several advantages and provided holistic support that went beyond traditional project delivery. CI projects supported with a number of strategic advisory activities including:

  • Independent reviews: Reviews of the business plan and data to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Strategic planning: Contributions to annual strategic planning processes.
  • Leadership development: Design and facilitation of workshops for strategic clarity and tangible outcomes.
  • Change management: Support with designing, planning, and prioritising strategic initiatives for successful launch.
  • Lean implementation: Active promotion and support for Lean methodologies, including driving communication, identifying improvement opportunities, and mentoring employees.
  • Benefits realisation: Tracking the benefits of implemented Lean initiatives to demonstrate ROI.
  • Independent guidance: Ongoing advice and support on business change projects throughout their lifecycle.

Sustain it

The CI Change Partner model fostered a collaborative environment. CI Projects became an integral part of the client’s strategic change team, offering ongoing guidance and expertise. The model’s flexibility allowed for continuous adaptation to evolving needs, ensuring the client’s strategic agenda remained on track.

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