Capital Projects Review for a Facilities Management Company

Improved project delivery time by 20%

Enhanced compliance & assurance

Enhanced process efficiency

Improved client experience

An excellent exercise and we gained a lot from it.

Head of Projects

Define it

A Facilities Management (FM) company and their client experienced significant delays in project completion. Upon investigation, only 41% of projects met their target “gateway dates,” leading to:

  • Extended project timelines: Projects exceeded agreed upon delivery dates, causing frustration and inconvenience.
  • Poor client experience: Delays impacted client satisfaction and overall experience.
  • Reputational damage: Missed deadlines were harming the company’s reputation for reliability.
  • Uncertain CDM regulations compliance: A lack of clear evidence raised concerns about adherence to Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations regarding safety protocols and role delegation.

Improve it

We implemented a comprehensive approach to improve project delivery and ensure compliance with CDM regulations:

  • Lean Six Sigma Review: We employed Lean Six Sigma methodologies to analyse the project delivery process, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Voice of the Customer: We captured the client’s perspective to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Collaborative Workshops: Through visual workshops, we facilitated open discussions between the FM company and client to collaboratively identify problems, root causes, and develop optimal solutions.

Sustain it

We implemented evidence-based systems and records to demonstrate clear adherence to CDM regulations, mitigating potential safety risks and legal exposure. By combining Lean Six Sigma methodologies and collaborative client engagement, we empowered the FM company to achieve significant improvements in project delivery efficiency and compliance with CDM regulations.

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