Billing Process Automation & Improvement at Equans

12% Increase in revenue

Standardised end-to-end processes

Automated processes and reporting

Bespoke training developed and delivered to over 300 people

This wouldn’t have been delivered to the level of success it has been without CI Projects. Kiran (CI Projects) was able to plan the rollout and of this project and cope with changing customer requirements. Her ability to identify risks as early as possible helped us overcome a number of challenges and stumbling blocks.


Define it

Equans (formally Bouygues Energies and Services) supports businesses, communities and the public sector by mobilising its expertise to provide low-carbon energy solutions, offer cutting-edge technical and FM services and transformative regeneration across the UK & Ireland.

They faced a significant challenge: their reliance on manual, spreadsheet-based billing processes led to inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and potential revenue leakage. To address this issue and improve billing accuracy, a clear understanding of the entire billing lifecycle was crucial.

We began by defining a comprehensive project scope that meticulously reviewed all core business processes related to billing. This in-depth analysis revealed a critical issue – different teams across various locations handled billing process tasks inconsistently. These discrepancies made it difficult to measure performance effectively and pinpoint the source of the revenue leakage.

Improve it

Leveraging the insights from the gap analysis, we assembled a cross-functional project team tasked with redesigning standardised business processes. This team, along with technical experts including IBM, collaborated to develop a new, streamlined billing system and associated reports. Recognising the importance of user adoption, we implemented a unique and engaging training programme. This programme incorporated games and activities to make the learning process interactive and ensure that the newly implemented procedures would become lasting habits for the Equans staff.

Sustain it

The project’s initial target was a 5% increase in rechargeable works income, reflecting the anticipated improvement in billing practices. However, the results exceeded expectations. By the project’s completion, Equans achieved a remarkable 12% increase in revenue. This significant improvement highlights the effectiveness of a well-defined approach to process improvement. To ensure continuous improvement beyond the project’s lifespan, we equipped seven Equans employees with Change Management skills. This empowered them to champion process optimisation initiatives independently within the organisation. To further empower Equans’ wider workforce for continuous improvement, we launched a comprehensive Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma training programme across the organisation. Through meticulous identification of inefficiencies, implementation of a new system and training program, and fostering user engagement, Equans secured substantial and sustainable improvements in their billing accuracy and overall revenue capture.

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