Bespoke Customer Service Training at ISS

Enhanced Customer Service skill set

Improved internal customer (employee) experience

Heightened motivation & engagement

Enhanced department reputation

Very interactive and knowledgeable. It was not death by PowerPoint!

Sam Greenwood, Payroll Manager

Define it

Our client, ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, commissioned CI Projects to support with developing and delivering a bespoke Customer Service training. The payroll department was experiencing issues with:

  • Dissatisfied internal customers (employees): Queries weren’t resolved to satisfaction, leading to frustration and complaints.
  • Customer Service skills: Payroll staff lacked awareness of key customer service principles and best practices.
  • Limited ownership and accountability: Taking ownership of queries and ensuring resolution wasn’t a primary focus.

Before designing the programme, CI Projects conducted a thorough needs assessment to understand the types of queries the payroll department receives, preferred communication channels, service level agreements (SLAs), and existing internal processes.

Improve it

CI Projects partnered with ISS to design and deliver a customer service training programme specifically tailored to the payroll department:

  • Process understanding: Equipped the team with in-depth knowledge of payroll processes, fostering greater empathy for customer concerns.
  • Customer Service essentials: Defined the core elements of good customer service, differentiating between positive and negative interactions.
  • Managing expectations: Provided strategies to understand and manage customer expectations for timely and accurate resolution.
  • Effective communication: Developed communication skills to ensure clear and professional interactions with customers.
  • Ownership and accountability: Empowered the team to take ownership of customer queries, seeing them through to satisfactory resolution or appropriate escalation.

Six interactive group activities were designed to simulate real-world payroll scenarios, allowing participants to practice applying exceptional customer service skills. Real-life scenario-based roleplays relating to payroll query situations were used, ensuring the training transferred seamlessly to daily work situations.

Sustain it

The training content covered all the aforementioned aspects, ensuring a comprehensive approach to customer service excellence. They were given reference materials after the training to ensure they had guidance. CI Projects address customer concerns effectively, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction, a more motivated workforce, and a positive departmental reputation.

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