Balanced Scorecard Data Insights for a Government Company

Actionable data insights from the Balanced Scorecard

Consolidated reporting saved time & money

Data-driven conversations fostered better leadership collaboration

Automated reporting

This balanced scorecard will be valuable for our leadership meetings and help us make informed decisions.


Define it

Our client, a Government Company (GovCo) struggled with turning their data into insights. We undertook a review and identified the following challenges:

  • Limited performance visibility: Senior leadership lacked data to inform crucial decisions.
  • Siloed reporting: Inconsistent, siloed reports hindered informed discussions.
  • Irrelevant metrics: Reports focused on metrics with limited impact on customers or outcomes.
  • Data interpretation inconsistency: Varying interpretations of metrics created confusion.

We began by collaborating with each department to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) impacting internal and external customers to define business requirements.

Improve it

CI Projects implemented a data-driven decision-making strategy and new balanced scorecard data insights report. We delivered:

  • Streamlining reporting: Elimination of unnecessary metrics and creation of a consolidated Balanced Scorecard.
  • Holistic performance view: The Balanced Scorecard provided a comprehensive view encompassing metrics relating to customer experience, employee experience, financial performance and health and safety.
  • Standardised reporting and governance: Implemented a new reporting process and clear data governance practices to ensure consistent and reliable data collection.

Sustain it

We provided the leadership with coaching to empower them to use the Balanced Scorecard as a focal point for data insights and data-driven discussions. The dashboard was automated to provide a robust, sustainable and efficient solution.

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