Bouygues Energies and Services – Billing Automation and Improvements

Achieved a 12% increase in revenue through implementing new processes and systems that reduced revenue leakage.

How we helped...

Bouygues Energies and Services (Bouygues) provide engineering and service capabilities from conception, design and construction through to facility management within the UK.

We were commissioned to lead a £2 million, organisation-wide project involving an upgrade of their existing billing systems, re-engineered processes and implementation of a new systemised solution for billing. The objective for Bouygues was the improvement of billing accuracy. At the time the process was entirely managed through spreadsheets resulting in significant revenue leakages.

To achieve this objective, we defined a comprehensive project scope that included a thorough review of all core business processes; as accurate billing was dependent on accurate information. We looked at the entire process; from the moment a service request is raised by a customer through to the final billing stage.

Our Gap Analysis quickly revealed that every team, in every location was operating differently, which made it difficult to measure performance consistently and locate the source of the revenue leakage. With the information we learned from the gap analysis we created a project team from internal resources and held a series of workshops to define and re-design a standard suite of core business processes.

Making sure to engage the project team and key stakeholders on the journey, we then worked closely with a team of technical experts, including IBM to design the system required to support our new set of business processes.

We developed a non-conventional and engaging training programme to introduce the new ways of working to all staff.

We used games and activities to make the education process interactive and ensure that the changes were lasting.

The target was a 5% increase in rechargeable works income as the organisation was aware of revenue leakage due to the manual billing processes previously in place. By the end of the project, we superseded this target with a 12% increase.

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