Behavioural Change Competency Framework Implementation

Increased employee engagement and performance, with a tangible way to monitor and manage performance

How we helped...

Continuous Improvement Projects Ltd were commissioned to drive behavioural change and improve performance with a team that were consistently underperforming.

Following increasing complaints from customers and a decline in operational performance, it became evident that there were challenges that needed addressing with a particular functional team.

To understand the problem, we applied the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC framework which involved a deep-dive into the underlying root causes for performance decline. The review concluded that there were sufficient processes and procedures in place; but there were behavioural challenges across the team leading to process non-compliance; which was negatively impacting performance and customer experience.

On the surface, one could blame the team for poor behaviours and attitudes; however many of these behavioural manifestations were a result of poor leadership, poor communication between the team and ineffective mechanisms to discuss and manage performance. Over time, this led to employee disengagement and dissatisfaction.

We worked closely with the HR team to develop a bespoke and fit-for-purpose Competency Framework and engaged the team in developing and embedding this. We trained the managers in how to use the Competency Framework and held several follow-up sessions to assess the utilisation and effectiveness of the framework.

The framework gave the team better direction and focus and enabled them to receive and act on constructive feedback to continually improve their performance. There was a reward and recognition scheme tied into the framework to help motivate employees and improve overall engagement and commitment.

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