Becoming Green Inside Out


Assess your brand aspiration and organisational culture with a focus on sustainability


Develop cross-functional relationships to create the desired culture-brand fusion and operation


Canvas opinion, perceptions and suggestions


Develop Change Management tactics to deliver the change inside out


Validate and shape your strategy and approach

Our Approach

Before the programme

Free telephone consultation with our specialist

Discuss the current organisational structure and context

Understand your current culture and brand message with a focus on sustainability

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved

Agree a schedule of dates convenient for you

During the programme

Assess your brand aspiration

Assess your current organisational culture – do you live out your values?

Audit, organise, map and arrange your Brand-Fusion Touchpoints to identify the gaps & opportunities for change

Focus on opportunities for a leaner, greener approach across your operation

Develop Change Management tactics for achieving sustainable cultural changes and walk the talk

By end of the programme

Roadmap on how to best connect the dots between what you do inside your organisation and your brand aspiration

Catalogue and visualise the Brand-Fusion Touchpoints

Opportunities for operational improvements that deliver financial and environmental benefits

Implementable Change Management tactics

After the workshops

A functional Brand-Fusion Touchpoints map

A realistic and implementable plan to be owned by your teams

A follow-up call with one of our specialists to gauge the effectiveness of the recommendations and provide guidance

You’ll walk away with…

A Deeper Understanding of the Gaps

We will help you frame the problem & identify the gaps clearly and accurately so that you and your teams quickly grasp the issue and are focused on the ‘right’ problem areas.

Optimal, Evidence-Based Solutions

You will be presented with solutions that have been validated based on evidence. The solutions born from Lean-Green tactics often result in improved efficiency, increased productivity and better quality and customer experience.

Clear Vision, Mission and Strategy

A clear view of the future that’s easy to understand and communicate widely across the organisation.

A Collaborative and Engaged Workforce

Create a workplace where cross-functional collaboration, innovative thinking and creative problem solving are celebrated, resulting in improved efficiency and business growth.

Post-Implementation Support

Our consultation services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up calls to gauge the effectiveness of the recommendations and provide guidance if needed.

End-to-End Support in your Lean Green Journey

We can offer additional end-to-end support which goes beyond workshop facilitation. An organic extension to this workshop is our Voice of the Customer package to assess the perception of your services and products. You may also be interested in our Strategy and Lean Process Reviews. Whatever you decide we will be with you every step of the way and guide you through your Lean-Green journey.  


£895 + VAT

The not-so-small print:

    • The price includes workshop preparation and write-up following the workshop
    • The above price excludes any expenses which may be an additional cost
    • Meeting venues to be booked and if relevant paid for by the client directly
    • We recommend assembling a cross-functional team of no more than 8-12 delegates per workshop to ensure optimal impact.

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