5S Workspace Transformation in 5 Days


Engage your teams in making your workspace more intuitive, safe and organised


Eliminate wasted time, space and effort


Improve the quality of your outputs and improves work productivity


Sustain the gains and continually improve your workspace using a replicable model

Our Approach

Before the programme

Free telephone consultation with our team of lean specialists

Discuss the context, workspace environment, pain points and objectives

Confirm key stakeholders to be involved

Agree a schedule of 5 dates convenient for you

During the programme

A series of workshops with your team

Brown paper and practical group exercises that engage the entire team

Sorting and organising the workspace

Identification and elimination of waste

Basic procedure development to ensure improvements are sustained

By end of the programme

A safer, more intuitive and organised workspace

A set of basic procedures outlining how to sustain and continually improve the workspace

Changes to the workspace along with some further recommendations for enhancements

After the workshops

Workspace practices and procedures to be owned by your team

A follow-up call with one of our lean specialists to gauge the effectiveness of the workspace and associated upkeep practice

A replicable model that can be adopted by your teams for continuous improvement

You’ll walk away with…

A Safer and More Efficient Workspace

The 5S system will help you streamline your operations and optimise efficiencies by eliminating waste and creating a more organised workspace; resulting in increased productivity, greater responsiveness and flexibility, and better quality and safety.

A Tried-and-Tested, Repeatable Model

A simple, repeatable lean model that you can apply to other areas of your premises over and over again to generate sustained improvements.

5S Thinking

Our 5S system sets the stage for a mindset and culture of continuous improvement. Employees will adopt 5S thinking and make a commitment to put safety, organisation and effectiveness first as they will realise the importance and benefits.

Post-Implementation Support

We conduct follow-up calls to gauge the effectiveness of the solutions implemented and provide necessary support and guidance as needed.



The not-so-small print:

  • The price includes up to one workspace/ office.
  • Discounts are available for more than one workspace/ office.
  • Additional organisational materials such as containers or files may be required to enable better organisation. These can be supplied via your supply chain or we can source the materials at an additional cost.
  • Big changes to the workspace will be noted as recommendations for leadership consideration and will need to be implemented by the client.
  • The scope of transformation will need to be determined and if it is deemed that the required scope is not achievable within 5 days, the model timeline and costs will be expanded to meet the scope expectation.
  • The above price excludes any travel expenses which may be an additional cost.

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